Driving License and Driving Lessons in Verdun

Thanks to its extensive experience ACOM Driving School offers driving programs that prepare you in accordance with the Road Safety Education Program (RSEP), renowned for its efficiency.

This program includes 15 hours of practical training and 24 hours of theoretical training. The driving course is divided into 4 stages.

Stage 1 consists of 4 theoretical courses and an assessment to get the learner’s licence.

Stage 2 consists of 2 theoretical courses and 2 practical driving sessions.

Stage 3 consists of 3theoretical courses and 6 practical driving sessions.

Stage 4 consists of 2 theoretical courses and 5 practical driving sessions.

Each stage must be completed before you can access the next one.

Hire our services to benefit from the best preparation for obtaining your driver’s licence. Our trainers will also help you get ready for the highway code. 

ACOM Driving School has trained thousands of drivers since its opening in 1989.

Once you get your learner’s licence, our team will ensure the continuity of your training with individual driving courses.

 Ecole de conduite  Verdun

Hire the services of professional people. Our experienced staff is available to assist you.

You will follow the other steps of the curriculum by switching between theoretical and practical training. The theoretical component will take place indoor and consists of a series of modules of two hours each.

To support the theory lessons, you will also be given 55-minute driving sessions. Each student will be accompanied by a driving monitor.

Practical classes start and end with a 5-minute briefing. 

 Ecole de conduite  Verdun